Great News for OurPPA at Imaging
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    Default Great News for OurPPA at Imaging

    Hey all,

    Just got this from PPA staff. Miller's will be hosting a room to check and upload on the Internet. They are also sponsoring other stuff just for us, like a room to meet, soft drinks, etc. We may want to "staff" it ourselves during the day. If everyone signs up for an hour or two, we would know who we can meet when. Like the Don Chick or Jeff Dachowski hour or the Jack Reznicki minute (Not volunteering you guys, but I needed two names as an example. Don't feel pressured at all to disappoint everyone if you can't make it.)
    Anyway, here's what I got from staff- get-together--Sunday, January 11, 6-7pm
    This year, folks on can find each other at the very beginning of Imaging USA. The Internet Café, sponsored by Miller’s Lab, is a place for any attendee to catch up on e-mails or feed a blog. The Internet Cafe' is located in room 106, West Building, Street Level, in the Phoenix Convention Center.

    * Open January 11-13, 2009
    * 10 computer stations (with power outlets for laptops)
    * Wireless Internet
    * Tables, chairs, post-a-note meeting board
    * Room for about 150-200 people

    And here’s the added bonus for those on Millers is sponsoring an get-together (Sunday, January 11, 6:30-7:30pm)! Come enjoy refreshments and meet the people you’ve been communicating with over the past year…then hop over to Imaging USA’s evening party.
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    How cool is that?!

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    Oh my gosh! That's so nice! I'd love to meet everyone!

    I guess Millers knows that people talk about them a lot on here, huh?
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    Genius move for Millers

    What a great idea.

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    Thats my lab!

    They called me a while back and asked if I thought it would be a good idea and I told them without a doubt YES YES YES

    This forum is amazing and someone should sponsor a get together. I know last year in Tampa you had a small one but I could not make it due to having to speak at the Miller's booth, so I guess I can be nice to them again (bwhahahahaah) now for doing this for all of us!

    I speak at EPIC that Sunday night after our Imaging speaking engagement, and it ends at 7:00pm so I am not sure I will be able to make the get together but I plan on doing my best if all possible!

    Thank you Millers!
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    I continue to love Millers.....
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    Awwww! Now I really wish I could make it.

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    I'm not sure if I'm going to Image this year or the DWF convention held at the same time.
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    Thank you Jack!
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    I'll be there and look forward to meeting even more friends than last year! By the way, if anyone wants a roommate let me know cause it's looking like I'm flying solo for this one!
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