Steve Bedell in North Carolina July 13
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    Default Steve Bedell in North Carolina July 13

    Steve Bedell, M.Photog.Cr., will be holding a lighting workshop on July 13 in Hickory NC at the studio of Rose Mary Cheek. Steve is a PPA Affiliate Juror, Award of Excellence holder, and 7 time Photographer of the Year in New Hampshire, including 2007 and 2008. His lighting workshops in NH sell out every year.

    Steve is known for his natural light ability and takes 90% of his outdoor images with nothing but a camera, lens and light - no reflectors, flash, nothing. Steve will show you once and for all how you can truly master natural light.

    In his last two PPA print entries, Steve has been awarded PPA Photographer of the Year Silver and Platinum.

    The class is limited to 15 photographers and there are ONLY 2 OPENINGS!

    Attendees will receive PPA Education merits and Steve's Natural Light Portraiture DVD, a $70 value.

    For further information and to register for "It's All About The Light", please click here.
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    I've been to Steve's lighting seminars, he truely is a Master of available light!

    If you're looking for a natural light seminar, this is one you should attend. You'll learn to see light and create beautiful images without using a bunch of light modifiers/gadgets.
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