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    Default Saving files to DVD

    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning on saving my 20 images for certification to a DVD. I understand that the DVD will be played on a television so it needs to be a true movie, not an Adobe PDF slide show. I've purchased a DVD burner that has Nero software with it. Does anyone know if I can build a slide show in Nero and burn that to a DVD? Does anyone have details on the settings I'll need to use?


    Katie Miller

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    Default I didn't use Nero...

    ...I used Canopus's Imaginate software for my certification DVD. It creates digital video files, which you then run through a DVD authoring program (I use ULead's DVD Workshop). I suggest, for the least expense, you look into ULead's slide show product (DVD Creator, I think) that also burns a DVD.

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    Hi Wilson,

    Thanks much for your information. I'll take a look at that software.

    Katie Miller

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    Default Proshow Gold or Producer

    Hi Katie,

    I used Pro-Show Gold when I turned mines in. Very easy to use interface and rarely freezes ups.

    When you do yours, don't ad any transition effects.
    -Marc Benjamin, M. Photog. Cr. F-PPC

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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks! What file format did you use to save the slide show?

    Katie Miller

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    Default Submitting Images for Certification on DVD

    Katie, all you need to do is burn the images to a DVD - R format. You need not create a slide show, merely record the images on the DVD. I am one of the Master Photographers, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographers who views the submsission for Certification.
    By actually trying to create a slide show you may create a submission that may not be viewed properly.

    So, burn them on a DVD - R format and we will do the rest!

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    The PPA web site has complete details on submitting the images. Go to

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    The Guidelines say:

    "DVD Video, no sound. DVD slide show must exhibit for 3 seconds. A transition may be applied between slides; the same transition must be used on all. Regional encoding must be for the US (NTSC)."

    This appears to dictate a slide show, but is that optional in light of Eric's comments above?
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    Katie depending on which version of nero your burner came with there is a slideshow function with in nero itself that is simple and could easily handle the job you need. If you have version six or seven open the "Smart Start" then make sure you have either "DVD" or "CD/DVD" selected in the drop down menu. it should be in the little menu area.

    If you have version 5 go to Nero's website and download the demo/trial version of Nero 7 and use that and you should be fine.

    Also don't forget to use DVD-R!

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