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    Default HELP--at Kinko's--do I levae the gold corners on the print?

    I'm on vacation and sending my print case from FedEx Kinko's and I don't know whether to leave the gold croners and ribbon on the rpint. One is the PPA Seal corner and the other is the SEPPA corner. I assume I take them off and just leave the seal on the back?

    Anyone who answers quickly gets a present. I'm paying by the mintue for the internet access!


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    Okay--can't type properly when in a hurry--sorry for the typos!

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    YES - take off the extra stuff and leave only the seal on the back - the one that's actually physically attached to the print (and cannot be removed)

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    Thanks so much Heather. Logging off now to send prints. I'll send you something special when I get back home!


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