Application is good for two years or three? Contradicting info online
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    Default Application is good for two years or three? Contradicting info online

    On this page, it says the application is good for three years. When you open the PDF it says the application is good for two years.

    Anyone know the scoop? Two years? Three years?

    Also, do you have to take the test in person? There aren't very many states offering it, if you do.

    Does everybody fly in to take the test?
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    I have always heard 2 years. In any event, it really oughtn't matter. It's just not that difficult.

    And most every state offers the test, although it may only be once a year. It very much depends on your state liaison.
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    Contact Gary Jentoft 206-362-3015. He is your CPP liason and will give you any info you need regarding taking the exam in your state.
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    Default Two and ...

    Hi Rodney;

    It is two years. Mark is correct that some liaisons only offer it once a year. I give it the 1st day of each of our four state association meetings. Because I give it more often, I have photogs. come here from other states. I just gave the exam to a guy from the Dominican Republic on June 8th. On October 5th, it looks like I'll be giving it to a photographer from Italy.

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    And, Rodney, just to be clear, it is a two-part process. There is the written exam and the image submission. The image submission happens once a quarter and can be done online. When you fill out the application for your exam, there is a separate form for the image submission - be sure to fill both of them out and send them in. You'll be given a password and link to the submission site for your images.

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