Posting items for sale?
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    Default Posting items for sale?

    I've looking in the rules but didn't find what I was looking for - all apoligies if I'm asking a question that has been previously detailed.

    Is it within the rules of the forum to post items for sale? I know there is a classified section, but that isn't exactly what I'm looking for. Is it legal just to post a lens or some such item for sale, and if so, what section would be appropriate? Open Forum perhaps?


    - trr

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    Todd, PPA has made the Classified area in OurPPA exclusive for companies that have paid ads in the Classified section of PPMag.

    We don't have a specific For Sale forum, and at this time we don't believe it would be desireable.

    However, we do permit OurPPA members to place ads for one-time sales of individually owned equipment in the appropriate forums (such as camera sales in the camera forum and lighting sales in the lighting forum).
    All subsequent conversation between the seller and any potential buyers must be carried out by email or PM, and the seller should delete the post at the earliest opportunity.

    We will add this information to the FAQs, thanks to your inquiry.
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    Thanks Kirk!

    - trr

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