Anyone else also fairly a new PPA member 1 - 2 years and learning about CPP also?
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    Post Anyone else also fairly a new PPA member 1 - 2 years and learning about CPP also?

    Hi 1-2 year members of PPA and veteran PPA members,

    I am just starting to put together my CPP and 20 images.
    I see it must be 20 images from paying jobs vs self portrait work.
    Gathering prints from paid jobs since last July 07.
    This is exciting!
    How strict or is there a better word for what the judging is like for the CPP?
    Is it like a competition print? I am just starting to get involved with competition prints too. I look forward to a fun and rewarding journey.
    I have a Photography book by Upton and Upton one I had from a while back at RIT classes. I bought the upgrade to that:
    It is an interesting read to see the digital era included.

    I also, took Les Stroebel's class at RIT, Materials and Process a while ago. I see the book Materials and Process is updated too:

    How many questions are on the CPP?

    Kindest regards,
    Put your best FACE forward!
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    Hey Paul, Good luck with all of it. I am new to PPA as well, just started my second year and I am in the middle of waiting to hear how I did on it all. I wish you all the best!
    Did you miss me?
    Andrea Chapelo, CPP

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    Hey Paul! I joined in March of '06, and just took the CPP exam (with Andrea and Stacey) a few weeks ago... so we're all biting our nails waiting for the results. Our image submissions went in last week as well, so we're waiting for the results of those, too!

    Your images should be client work, and they can be up to 24 months old - so you can actually go back to '06 and pull work if you need to. Most of my images were fairly recent, because there was a big shift in the quality of my work from '06 to now, so my best images were the most recent.

    Once you've narrowed down your selections, feel free to post them here and there are a bunch of folks who will be happy to give feedback and let you know which images would be best for submission (which is done electronically, by the way).

    There isn't necessarily a strict guideline for how the images are judged - but they are judged as a body of work. If your images, in competition, would score in the above average category pretty consistently, then you shouldn't have any issue passing. Although, all the images should be prepared as you would for a client - NOT as you would for competition (ie, step mounting).

    The book you have is perfect. It's the most recent edition, and the best study guide. I would recommend checking out some of the other books on the bibliography on PPA's CPP site - there are probably 15 books on the list. While you don't have to read them all, having a good broad knowledge base, and good practical experience, will help you on the test.

    Congrats on starting this journey! It's been one of the greatest things I've ever done for myself and my profession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Finkelstein View Post
    [B]How many questions are on the CPP?
    100 questions. I bet you could pass the test w/out any further study...
    M.Photog., Cr., CPP, D.C.Ph.

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    Hi Paul,
    I just joined PPA this year and I'm also currently studying to take my CPP exam in Salt Lake City in September. I'm plan to submit images in either the August or October timeline.
    Have you checked out this link:

    Betsy Finn gave it to me on another thread and I use it as a study guide.

    Just being on this forum has been a tremendous help for the quality of my work.
    We'll make it through.
    Cindi Delaney, future CPP
    We have no quarrel with those who choose to sell their wares for less.
    They know what their stuff is worth.

    From a little sign that used to hang on the wall of my mother's restaurant

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    New here (less than two months). Just mailed off my application to get the ball rolling. I can agree with Cindi (above) that just being here has had an osmosis-type effect with work quality and productivity.

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    Thanks Cindi, Jim and Don and all,
    It's nice to know others going where your're going sometimes.

    Other times we ALL as business owners and Entrepreneurs
    we must forge a path that might seem scary to some with a full time pay check vs creating your own revenue each month.
    Look forward to seeing some images for your 20 images for the CPP
    and networking here too.
    Kindest regards,
    Put your best FACE forward!

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    Default cpp

    well..didnt do it yet...but it's on the list..

    so much to do so little time..getting a little caught up replying a little here..

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