Illinois Workshops, anyone going?
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    Default Illinois Workshops, anyone going?

    I'm attending the Illinois Workshops June 8th thru 12th, anyone else on here going? I'll be attending Carl Caylor's course.

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    I'm not going but you picked a good course to take. Carl is one of my favorite photographers and one of the nicest people I know.
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    Kate - do you have a link to these workshops? I'm curious. I don't know much about these.

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    Sure Dawn,

    They are in Grafton, Illinois. Here's the link:

    They are also listed on PPA's website under education.

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    Hi Kate,

    I won't be attending- though do know a lot of people that will be. I'm holding out for next year! I'm excited about the potential lineup for next year...
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    I might show my face one or two nights. Already got work going on that week.

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    Hi Kate- I will be there!
    I am going to Clark and Rachel Marten's class, and my husband Randy will be in Ralph Romiguera's class.

    Last year, I was in Monica Sigmon's class. Illinois Workshops is awesome- I learned a lot! The model shoot out was especially cool.

    Looking forward to it- see you there!

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