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    Default Point and Shoot...out

    So last night while I was going through the dumpster behind the Hometown Buffet I found a PowerShot S110, still in the box! I was reminded of Reznicki's line about "Sometimes it's the Indian not the arrow" and decided this little camera would probably be a nice tool in the right hands. Then I remembered Holly Howe saying she had set a goal of earning a print merit with a point and shoot and she did it! So I thought, wouldn't it be fun to have a point and shoot out contest on the forum. How bout everyone grab their worst camera, take their best shot and post it in the gallery. Then post a link here in this thread and a month from now we'll see who has the highest ratings. The winners get the satisfaction of knowing their the best Indians even with the worst arrows. No rules, just use a point and shoot for capture and tell us what kind it was. Post in any category you like and if we have a tie we'll award title of "Best Indian" by categories. Here's my humble submission.
    PowerShot S110. Of course you could cheat and use your fancy cameras...but what fun would that be.

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    And here I've been considering B&H for my new cameras!

    I've got a Canon G9 which supposedly is great but I can't work the silly thing! Why doesn't it just have a M option on the dial and two wheels to change aperture and shutter-speed? I feel like an utter dolt when someone hands me their P&S and wants me to take a shot - cause I can't figure those things out for the life of me.

    Interesting idea, can't wait to see the "submissions" to this little contest!

    - trr

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    Default I'll play ...

    Hi David;

    Before I went digital capture two years ago, I used a Kodak Easyshare 4 megapixel P&S. This image was done with that of a church across the street from our state convention hotel. It was entered in the annual state assn. print competition in 16x20 and got an award of quality red ribbon. My final title was "Armegeddon".

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    Gee, I didn't realize the economy was so bad that you have to go dumpster diving! lol

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    Is the echo-money bad Bob?
    By the looks of the dumpsters there's more than enough to go around.


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    Dave has gone "freegan"! There is a whole subculture now of people who get food, etc. out of dumpsters called freegans.
    Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.-Charlie Chaplin

    CPF-Certified Picture Framer

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    Oh's all about me.

    I know you own a point and shoot me your stuff.

    I show'd you mine!

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    Default I wanna play!!!!!

    I'll play

    I have two entries, both taken with a Canon S80. Oh, do I need titles??? Ummmm, ok......

    #1. Title: Beef Expo Morning

    #2. Title: 4x4 in the Flowers

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    That'a gurl!
    Now post them in the gallery so we can rate them.

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    One of our Cali vacation pics... "Cold Sentinel"

    Art Wright CPP, Team Recon,

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