Just an FYI for those submitting images
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    Default Just an FYI for those submitting images

    I just emailed Marisa Pitts at PPA because I couldn't remember exactly what numbers I had put down for the percentages breakdown. (I'm sort of re-vamping the business and there have been some changes). Anyway, I emailed asking if she could let know what I had submitted on my form, and this is the response I got back from her.

    "The %’s are not documented in your record, plus the judges don’t look at it as a requirement when reviewing your images. They do look for a variety of your work though."

    Just thought this might help for those who were worried about getting an exact percentage breakdown.

    Good luck to all of us submitting - and I should have my images ready to post for you all to review by next week.
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    That's nice to know I was a little worried about the percentages I had put down.

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    Awesome - thanks for letting us know! I was calculating percentages very closely. Good to know I might be able to be a little more flexible.
    Marilyn Dillon, CPP


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    That's a way off for me Angela but I was already trying to figure the math.
    Cindi Delaney, future CPP
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