CPP Written Exam in a couple of weeks, is it too late?
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    Default CPP Written Exam in a couple of weeks, is it too late?

    I was on the waiting list for Texas School, but found out a few days ago that I got in. I am interested in taking the exam...although I haven't studied for it in months....I started to before Christmas and then stopped. Texas School is in a couple of weeks. Is it too late to register and study for the exam? I have had my application sitting on the desk for over 6 months...but just have been chickening out. Is there a waiting period between the time you submit your application and taking the exam?

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    Default In my experience ...

    Hi Mary;

    In all my years of giving the exam ... anyone getting the payment, and completed paperwork, to PPA by a week before is usually ok. I'm giving it April 20th. If someone were to get everything in by tomorrow they could still take it with me. I simply tell my state assn. what size room I need by the final count. So, the only reason I can see why you couldn't would be if they had too many for the room size but I'd think they would have room for you.

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    As far as the studying part.... it's NEVER too late! 2 weeks is plenty of time to study! IMO, if it is much longer than 2 weeks, you will retain so much information that you won't even need and forget a lot of what you studied. I just took the test last Thursday and this time, I studied 3 hours before the test. That's it! The last time I studied for it was last year when I studied for 8 weeks with my local PPA affiliate.

    The test is really not that hard, I'm just not a good test taker. Keep in mind though that it is VERY subjective in their questions (and answers (that you'll never find out )). Also, the way they word some of the questions is subjective/poorly written.

    You can send an e-mail to Marissa at PPA and she will be able to answer for you the other part of your question (mpitts@ppa.com)

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    Once you send in your application for CPP, you have 2 years to get it - so if you don't pass the test this time, you can always take it again somewhere else. Go for it!
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    It's simply not a difficult test. 2 weeks is plenty of time, if you can devote 60-90 minutes of studying daily.
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    I'm taking the test at Texas school too. I Called the PPA on Thursday. They give me a number to fax the application to. Received a confirmation e-mail early Friday. Just give them a call monday morning they where very helpful :-)

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