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    Default Sample exam questions

    New to te forum and interested in taking the CPP exam soon. Are there any sample questions available somewhere to get a feel of what the exam is like?



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    Default out this website.
    Betsy gave me the link.
    Cindi Delaney, future CPP
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    Thanks Cindi,
    I already checked that out. Was Looking for REAL sample questions from the CPP exam.


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    Default Glad to see you made it here !

    Hi Natalie;

    I'm glad to see you made it in here after I gave you the web site.

    Scroll through the Certification threads for questions asked and answers from photographers. They are all from "Photography" by London & Upton. No one sees the real exam questions till they actually take the exam. As a C.P.P. liaison even I never see the inside of the test.

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