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    Default Lighting & Posing CC wanted

    Still working on image submissions without flat lighting. I took some time with this shot for proper posing and lighting. Client wanted black backdrop with the black shirt - did I give it enough depth from backdrop? Also, posing of shoulders seems right, but I couldn't get him to tilt his head without it looking girlish. I needed to eliminate showing the one ear as it turns out somewhat. I used a higher than 3:1 ratio since the backdrop and shirt were so dark. Or should I have lightened it more. I'm really trying to concur this lighting issue, but always seem to second guess myself when it comes to whether I should use an image for submission or not. Is this one worthy? For image review - not competition.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Default No image showing ...

    Hi Angela;

    I looked at it in Photoshop and brightened it quite a bit. Your lighting looks good ... except that you have some hair light spill on his neck. I see short lighting in a loop lighting pattern.
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    Default well....

    "Also, posing of shoulders seems right, but I couldn't get him to tilt his head without it looking girlish"

    A few suggestions....shoulders at a 45 angle to the camera, then turn the head to the camera. Head tilted toward the shoulder closest to you (front) will look "girlish", head tilted toward the shoulder farthest from you (back) will look "guyish"....

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