Jeff and Carolle Dachowski in Wichita!
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    Default Jeff and Carolle Dachowski in Wichita!

    Wichita is a boomin' Cowtown!

    As president of Greater Wichita Professional Photography Association, (hereafter known as GWPPA) I present:

    After having Jeff here last fall, our GWPPA affiliate felt we needed more, more, MORE! So, Jeff is bringing Carolle and we'll GET more.

    We also wish to invite you to come down, up or over to join us for a full 8 hours of learning with them. Wichita has some great architecture to use for our backdrops as well as city lights within walking distance of our location.

    The program has been approved through PPA's continuing ed so if you're a PPA member, you will get a merit for attending.

    We have tons of places here for outdoor photography and maybe, with our wind, more of a challenge than many places. Let's see what can be done!

    Models will be provided and a class limit has been suggested at around 23 so call soon to register and prepay.

    If many are interested from very far away, I can work on a hotel group discount, just let me know soon.
    Linda Gregory

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    Starting to fill up...anyone want the hotel rates, let me know!
    Linda Gregory

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    RACE!!!! Who gets more...Illinois or Kansas??? HUH??? HUH??


    Okay you guys in kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma....get your names in here!
    Linda Gregory

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    Okay kids,

    It's coming up this Monday....who's going to be here? We have just a few slots left and we'd really like to see you! To get an idea of what we're going to learn, check out this thread, page 3 starting at post 29.

    Call now! Operators are standing by! (not)

    Try my cell if you call later than 6 cst. Before 6, call 888 315 5561 after call 316 304 8593.
    Linda Gregory

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    Oh man, guys.... I'll throw some more fire on this tread.... the workshop with the Dachowski's was really great. I'm not afraid to shoot in mid-day sun anymore! I know what to do with the sunlight now!

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    Default Map Time!


    Here's the maps for the road trip in, guys. Parking is in back and on side streets, a little parking is in front.

    Address for you GPS junkies (these maps came from my Delorme gps map system) is 1425 W Douglas, Wichita, KS 67213. My building is being renovated (YEA!!) so look across the street for the Nu-Way restaurant. The white of the building is quite the reflector in my studio!!

    from a distance:

    on your way

    You're HERE!

    These magnify a little better if you cut and paste them into photoshop but you may find you like your own maps better. If you want a bigger version of these, just holler, I'll email them to you.

    We have a few more spots, CALL!
    Linda Gregory

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    Hey Folks,
    This seminar is on Monday!!!!

    Here are a couple of images we made with some of the fine folks here from ourppa during the class two weeks ago!

    Hope you folks in that part of Kansas can come out to play!!
    Jeff Dachowski M.Photog Cr.CPP
    PPA Approved Juror
    Upcoming events:

    Photoshop 101
    San Jose
    Oklahoma City
    Washington DC

    Avatar by 2008 Diamond photographer of the year-Don Chick

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    The weather for Monday says high of 74, mostly sunny. Dress accordingly!
    Linda Gregory

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    I'm jealous! You guys are going to have so much fun and learn so much! That sounds like a great seminar too - the twilight shooting lessons - I would love to be there - unfortunately, I need to start working more and traveling less for awhile!

    Have fun on Monday guys!!
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lori Clapp View Post
    unfortunately, I need to start working more and traveling less for awhile!

    Have fun on Monday guys!!

    That's a simple problem...START TUESDAY.

    See you at noon!
    Linda Gregory

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