im in cedar hill texas, when is the next test
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    Default im in cedar hill texas, when is the next test

    can anyone give me the answer to this question.

    i emailed my liason a few days ago and I have not gotten anything from him yet. he may be at a convention or something

    thanks in advance

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    Default Ppa

    Hi Lynette;

    PPA lists when tests are coming up. If you look in the PPA magazine as well as the PPA e-mails, the test dates, locations, and liaisons are listed. Also, besides waiting, you could also call Marisa at PPA and ask when the next exam is scheduled down your way. I give PPA all 4 dates I will be giving it at the beginning of the year.

    Don't forget that you could come here to Pennsylvania to take it on April 20th.

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