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    Default Land of Great Faces and Great Places

    May 4,5,6 in Rapid City South Dakota

    Yes, I will be up north again at Lisa Haughton's Studio. Go here for more info and to register You have heard the good reviews, now it is time to immerse yourself in a learning atmosphere. Once we get started, we may not even sleep. We keep going and going and going.

    Here are just some of the things we are going to cover:

    * How to see light in the studio and out
    * How to use a light meter inside and out
    * What to look for to make your images stand out
    * How to pose children, families and individuals
    * Using wireless flash outside
    * How to price yourself for any product line
    * How to have not cost marketing

    Plus, you will have the chance to pick Tim's small brain on anything about the photography business.
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    Tim has got it together folks! He can teach you many ways to make a lot of money. You NEED to see this if you have a chance.
    National Sales Manager
    Mid-South Color Labs

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    Thanks Dirk, I have had a few people tell me that I restored their faith in workshops.

    But the problem with the workshop is that people will not learn enough, it is that they will have too much. but better than the other way around.

    Thanks again. How are things going.
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