need to purchase lupton 9th edition
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    Default need to purchase lupton 9th edition

    I'm ready to purchase the book i need to start studying to take my certification. I clicked on a link on a previous post that took me amazon. the price shows 110.00. then to the right it has New/Used prices of $73.00. I have copied this info below. my question is, if i purchase from one of these links, am i still purchasing from amazon or a private purchase? i don't want to send my money out in la la land what are the other links???

    All New (43 from $73.00) Used (24 from $74.34)
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    New Seller: berkeleyca
    Rating:95% positive over the past 12 months (132 ratings.) 132 lifetime ratings.
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    Comments: U.S. Softcover 9E

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    + $3.99shipping New Seller: bookkube
    Rating:94% positive over the past 12 months (1747 ratings.) 1747 lifetime ratings.
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    Comments: Brand New Book. Same or Next Day Shipping!

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    + $3.99shipping New Seller: jordan_haynes

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    Hi. I use Amazon frequently to purchase books, and as long as you pay thru Amazon, even to the other seller's you are okay. Amazon will back you if anything goes wrong with the purchase. I just watch the feedback comment rating to make sure that they are good about shipping (that's usually the major complaint). Otherwise, the used books are usually always in the condition described. At least in my experience. By all means, save a few bucks if you can buy it used. But definitely get the book, as it is really the only book you need to study from for the exam. And go back thru this thread and read all of Mark's question and answers - they are very close to what you will find on the exam.
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    Amazon acts as a broker for the seller; if you use a credit card to pay for the purchase, it is Amazon that charges the card... I've not had any problems buying from anyone that I found listed there.

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    I purchased mine in a Barnes and Noble store. I had previously signed up for their "club membership" and on top of the 10% off members get I used a 25% coupon I recieved over e-mail. So a total of 35% off a brand new book and no shipping. Truthfully I don't think they were supposed to give me the discount b/c it is considered a textbook but I am not complaining!


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    I ordered the text a couple of days ago from one of the "alternative" amazon sellers. I received notice that it shipped already - i got one that said that it was new instead of "like new" - I think it comes with a CD or something and was concerned that if it wasn't new it might not be there.
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    I got mine through Amazon's Marketplace.
    It came in record time and is brand new.
    Amazon is always reliable.
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