Authenticity as a Marketing Tool
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    Default Authenticity as a Marketing Tool

    In the New Networked Economy,
    Authenticity Is a Category Killer

    ....That quest for the genuine -- and the mistrust of traditional marketing -- helps explain the growing power of peer-to-peer friendcasting sites like ThisNext. People trust each other more than they do the slick pitches of Madison Avenue. But, in a world where billions of people sell to and buy from each other directly, something more than word of mouth is going to be needed.

    To help consumers discern the genuine from the ersatz, an “authenticity economy” is sprouting up around the net. Organizations like the California Certified Organic Farmers help you tell whether your veggies are truly organic. At GreenSeal they can help you be assured that your products are environmentally friendly; and RugMark will reassure you that no child labor was involved in that Nepalese rug you want for the dining room. ....
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    so what's the point.

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    Probably that we need to capitalize on CPP-hood and make it the mark of a genuine professional.
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    Well, I'll venture that the point (and its a great one) is that traditional marketing is going to be less effective over time. People don't want YOU to tell them how great you are, they want someone else to corroborate how awesome you are.

    These days, especially as the upper-end of the market continues to be well-served by an increasingly sophisticated photography markey, people want recomendations. They want assurances that things will go well. People feel they can trust a friend or independant review much more than paid advertising.

    Also, the point is that the potential market is no lobger those in a short radius, its the whole world. Since we now have access to essentially any business on Earth, why limit ourselves to the local option, unless of course, that local option is effectively serving the market.

    Perhaps, at some point, there will be a more sophisticated version of the Knot, that caters to a high-end clientele and reviews service providers like Consumer Reports review cars or blenders, etc. Perhaps our marketing dollars are better spent increasing the quality of our services rather than on traditional advertising.

    The point, I suppose, is that times are changing (for the better IMO) and the playing field is levelling in and interesting way. Those who are able to provide a great service and experience will definetly see rewards, and those who are not providing sufficient value wil suffer for it. There's no hiding anymore. Which is great, because we're valuing opennes and relationships - the hallmark of our industry.

    Exciting times, thanks Kirk.

    - trr

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    Well, I surely hope that CPP, Master Craftsman, etc, with PPA backing, will be enough, because I am leery of groups like the Knot. A friend of a friend went to a marketing meeting of Knot sales personnel, and heard the speaker say that they 'had not fully exploited the wedding market'. With the Knot's basic starting point of thousands of dollars for a small ad, are they more interested in serving brides, or taking all they can from would-be advertisers?
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