Submission Questions For Certification Endorsements
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    Question Submission Questions For Certification Endorsements


    I am currently certified, I am in the process of preparing my specialization endorsement package and have the following questions:

    1. Can I use the same images I submitted when I was originally certified?
    2. How old can the images be?
    3. DVD format is required. Does that mean JPGs on a DVD or a DVD readable by a household DVD player?
    4. Do I need to request all of my endorsements at the same time?
    5. When will the first/next judging session be? Any chance that can be done at Image?
    6. Can I deliver my endorsement DVDs to PPA at Image in Austin?
    7. Where will consumers be able to verify a photographer's certification status? Will the new commission have their own website?
    Howard Kier, CPP, ABI
    Magical Moments Photography

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    Default Answers ....

    Hi Howard;

    Before I give you the answers ... I'll tell you what the site people will also tell you. You are supposed to use your full name, when on here, instead of just Howard.

    I am a C.P.P. Liason for Pa., and was not sure of the answers, so I called David Mithoffer at PPA. #1 ... yes, you may use images you submitted when you were 1st certified ... as long as they meet the answer to question #2 ... you may use images 24 months old, or less and none older.

    #3 The images may be .jpg or .tif and should be burned to a DVD that is readable on a home type DVD player. I would suggest high res .jpgs though (level 12)

    #4 You may do one type at a time ... instead of all at once

    #5 You cannot do a submission at Austin. They must be submitted to Atlanta. The next two judging deadlines will be Feb. 10th and May 4th. The DVD must be in their hands by those dates but I would suggest to get it in earlier .... just in case.

    #6 No ... since you must submit to Atlanta, you cannot take the DVD along to the convention. Send directly to PPA in Atlanta.

    #7 Yes, the new, separate, certification group will have a website clients can check on you. The site is not ready yet but will be announced.

    Any other questions post here, e-mail me, or call PPA and ask for certification. Please change your user name to add your last name.(unless Howard is your last name ... in which case ... please add your first name) Sincerely;

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, PPA C.P.P. Liason, PPA Recon Team, ASP

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    Default Question

    In looking over the material it is not clear about wedding images. Do they have to be 10 images from 10 different weddings or can there be more than 1 image from a wedding. My assumption is that each image must be from a different wedding, but I just want to make sure.

    Also are the images supposed to be retouched, as presented to the client with enhancements or just cropped and color corrected as they came from the camera? I do a lot of work to make the images look their best when the clients order finished images and want to make sure it is OK to send enhanced digital images.

    Thank you,
    Dave Petrick

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    Default As for clients

    Hi David;

    Just like when you submitted for certification ... it should be a different wedding for each image. You couldn't give more than one image from the same wedding to certify ... so it will be the same for this. Also, you will not have them in folders, but otherwise, they should be prepared as you would for a client. You want the judges to see what your clients see, and not how they look right out of the camera. Your expertise and knowledge in preparing an image is important.

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, PPA C.P.P. Liason, PPA Recon Team, ASP

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