Golden Gate School 2008! Bob Davis, Dave Newman, Paul Gero and more!
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    Default Golden Gate School 2008! Bob Davis, Dave Newman, Paul Gero and more!

    Hey gang, this just in, the 2008 Golden Gate School, June 22-25 course schedule is up. Anyways, I'm totally excited about this years lineup and here's the unofficial inside scoop!

    Bob Davis - Like this guys the hottest celebrity photographer in the world. What's he done? Ohhh say the official coverage for Oprah's Legends Ball and Eva Longoria's Wedding of the Year to name a couple. Talk about a headliner!

    Juli Cialone, M.Photog. - Juli is one of the six PPA Diamond Photographers of the Year for 07. She is also one of the PPA Album Photographers of the Year (for 2006 and 2007) and Juli took home 2 Grand Awards at WPPI in March 2007. Wow, now that's a year that I could only imagine doing!

    Dave Newman, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP, API - I hear this guys super awesome in portraiture, a Master in fact and has like 1 billion print merits or is pretty close to it.

    Paul F. Gero - Now snooping around I dug up a lot on him. Stuff like numero uno photojournalist at the Chicago Tribune (w/ a Pulitzer nomination), bureau photog at DC, the NBA finals, Time, People, and Sports Illustrated. Also, I think I heard somewhere that he was the photographer on the set's of The Apprentice, The Contender and Rockstar:INXS. Now that's one heck of a photo career.

    Andre Costantini
    - Three words to describe Andre... Cool Hip and Trendy. He's like the main photographer at Tamaron USA and we've seen his outstanding images on every photography and photography related magazine out there. Each year he teaches at Golden Gate School, his class like gets sold out w/ many students coming back for more.

    John Paulson M.Photog.Cr. & Eliot Khuher - Now these two are probably the best entry level photography instructors in my book. Heck, they even managed to teach me a thing or two and then some. Anyways, John's won many national awards and titles and has been on the teaching circuit for a long time and probably has wisely answered most of the basic of the basic questions like what's your favorite f-stop. Eliot's a published photography author and you can find his book The Everything Photography Book at your local book store.

    Kimberly Sayre, CPP - Kim's wedding albums are just out of this world. Like she's got an album in the Loan Collection and she's won an PPA Album Maker of the Year (they get cool trophies while POTY get a star trek lookin pin) award. I'm thinking photography's literally in her blood since I've heard that her Gramps, Dad and a cousin all worked for Kodak in Rochester.

    What's even more exciting is that ultra affordable $445 registration (by 3/31) for PPGBA and/or PPA members. That's totally affordable compared to other affiliate schools that charge much much more!

    BTW, did I mention that GGS is held at a totally picturesque private college campus in the San Francisco Bay Area? The foods not to shabby either. Also, we've got a wicked underground table tennis tournament during the evenings and crazy party shenanigans which tend to spill out to the San Francisco night life.

    For more info and to register, visit
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    Default Hey Marc ... tell them ...

    Hey Marc;

    Tell them about how awesome "The City" is to photograph. A big selling point for a school, in Oakland, is how close San Francisco is across the Bay Bridge. You can spend years there and still not see everything.

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    Default well....

    "Dave Newman, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP, API - I hear this guys super awesome in portraiture,"

    Dave is super awesome in running a successful photography business. I've known him for years, one of the best run operations there is, and a great "working" photog.....that would be an awesome class.....
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    golden gate is an awsome school.
    i went there years ago - studied with gary silber.
    what ever happened to him?
    i was the only student from the east coast, so because i was special, they gave me a apartment in the instructor building instead of the dorm rooms with the shared bath.
    if i wasn't signed up for imaging workshops of co, i would consider going.

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    WOW I would LOVE to attend this or if lucky to teach our wireless flash workshop.

    ANYTHING in San Fran area I am such a sucker for!

    Great line up for sure!!!
    Mike Fulton, Putting this after his name to make people happy
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