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    I also am 'newly' certified, as of last summer, and do not believe the judges look at the certification images in the same way as competition images. I believe that the judges do look for images that show the maker has a grasp on the basis that a professional photographer would be expected to have to considered a professional- composition, lighting (and when I say that I mean being able to control the lighting situation and finding or creating the right light for the situation), posing, etc.

    I have to agree with Don- my clients buy what I show them which includes competition images - and my competition work is client work.
    Jackie Haggerty
    M.Photog.Cr., CPP

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    Thanks Jackie. Another question though. When you were waiting to hear back from the judges on your certification images, about how long did it take? The deadline for image submission was the 8th of Feb., and I haven't heard anything yet - is it too soon to expect to hear anything?

    Angela Lawson

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    Default Judging ... when ?

    Hi Angela;

    February 8th was only the deadline for all to be uploaded. The actual judging is later this month I believe.

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