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    I will receive my Craftsman in less than a year of receiving my first merit, (actually around 8 months or so) HOWEVER that has been ALOT of travel, ALOT of money out of my own pocket (especially the guild state tours of TN where I received 8 merits and LA where I received 6 merits) and well ALOT of time and effort.

    However I would not change it for anything, I LOVE sharing, learning and meeting others. For me that 5 mins I have with another person sharing our passions is truly what inspires me to be a better person much less a photographer.

    So the more I speak, the more I learn, the more I learn the better I become as a person and well hopefully what I share does the same in some way as the other person has done for me.

    As Jack said its the journey not the metal or award, so while I wont walk to get my award around my neck I find the journey has made me a better person.

    I need to ad up my merits I either have enough now or will shortly after speaking in Rhode Island and Northern Lights in SD both in Early March. I started my Merit speaking in July of last year.

    So as stated before it can be done and done fast but I have not been home much since then. While the Guilds are hard to speak it is well worth it for merits and learning so much about people of the local areas.

    Again I would NEVER change a thing I have done to receive these merits, the people I have meet along the way and the friends I have made, well you can keep the merits and it still would be SO WORTH IT!!!

    I simply did not do it for the merits, I did it for myself, to meet others and grow as a person. Hopefully I have done that and will continue too!
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