Photographic Craftsman ... too easy to get?
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    Hi Everyone, I wanted to throw this out there since it's something that comes up from time to time when I talk with old school Craftsmen.

    Seems that (mostly em who got theirs in the 80's and 90's) some think that nowadays the degree doesn't really carry as much weight anymore since people are getting the speaker merits faster and easier than ever.

    Easy they say? I don't really think so but let's take Super Monday for instance. The program allows speakers (or tandem) a maximum of 4 merits a year. Another is the new rule allowing one to receive a speaking merit from their own local. How about the continuing education program where merits are awarded to people who do their own workshops? Some speculate that speaking merits will soon be given for the webinars as well when those start to pick up. Heck I personally think that qualified forum mentors also deserve speaking merits. BTW, I got mines in 18 months though I did the locals tour.

    Anyways, it's not hard for somebody get to be a craftsman without ever leaving their city/metropolitan and get it within 2 years. Many have now become craftsmen w/o ever sharing at other local affiliates, speaking in front of a crowd at a convention or teaching a class at an affiliate school.

    Since it's not as difficult anymore, I wonder if the appeal of the speaking merit is fading. If so, it's unfortunate since it will get harder for locals now to invite out of towner's since they (speakers) can really get the same merits without leaving home. Also, there might be a trend of having all local speakers since well qualified people don't have much incentive to come anymore. Gosh that's a scary scenario.

    So I don't know, I'm starting to see what em oldies have been saying. How about you ... what's your take? How does your local group membership feel about this? Do people even care about the merits? Have they ever? Also when you answer, tell us a little about your background so readers could get an idea of your experience with the program.
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