For better or worse, CPP 20 uploaded
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    Default For better or worse, CPP 20 uploaded

    For better or worse I've uploaded 20 images for review.
    Take a sneak peek at
    I hope I pass the audition.

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    Default Good Luck!!!

    I'm in the same boat--best wishes to you!!!

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    Please keep in mind when I make my comments that I am NOT certified, nor am I a PPA qualified judge. I am basing my opinions on what I have seen and heard from others here on this forum regarding their CPP submissions.
    I believe you have lighting problems in most of the images. Flat lighting and broad lighting on females. The clothing also is very busy and out of key with the background. Lots of stripes and plaids and light and dark in the same image. On one of the images of three boys, the faces looked downright odd. Now that I relook, I think maybe it's a filter (lucis?). I'm not sure it adds anything positive.
    I like the Karate boy and the girl on the tracks is a fun image. She could use more light in her face and that might be accomplished with some skillful photoshop.
    I would search through your images some more and eliminate the images with the mixed clothing.
    I hope you get some comments from some of the more qualified members here.

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    What Auralee said.
    I'm not seeing any control of light, and many images seem cropped in too tight.
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    Default For February 8th deadline ?

    Hi Scott;

    Are you trying to make selections for the February 8th deadline ? If not, bring a bunch along to the Pa. state meeting next weekend.

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    Hi Scott,

    Auralee pretty much covered it.... Flat lighting and over use of Lucis art. I would suggest you put a packet together and bring them to the PA meeting D. Craig mentioned above. The fine folks there can help you a whole bunch deciding which images are best, as well as give you pointers on improving.
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