Chapter 7 CPP Study Questions
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    Default Chapter 7 CPP Study Questions

    Chapter 7: Printing the Positive

    Q1) A photographic paper used to create black and white prints from color negatives is called:

    A. grade 0 paper
    B. RC paper
    C. variable-contrast paper
    D. panchromatic paper

    Q2) Which of the following is not true?

    A. Increasing print exposure darkens the print
    B. Dodging is accomplished by selectively blocking the light during print exposure
    C. It is impossible to both dodge and burn the same print
    D. Burning is accomplished by selectively increasing print exposure

    Q3) Which of the following is unlikely to affect the contrast of a print?

    A. the type of stop bath used
    B. the type of developer used
    C. the type of enlarger used
    D. the surface finish of the paper
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    Are these questions directly from the book?
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    As sources for the questions I used both the book itself (8th edition) and the companion site. I don't think I used any of the questions verbatim, but I may have in this set.
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    I got them all right and I've never printed a picture in my life. I've just listened to Gary talk about it for the last 25 years!

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    1. D
    2. C
    3. B

    I think......?

    Thanks Mark!

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    For reference - I've got the 9th Edition and Chapter 7 is "Color". These appear to be more from Chapter 6 "Printing in a Darkroom".'s my answers:
    1) D
    2) C
    3) A

    Anyone else get a longing to go back into the Darkroom after reading this chapter?

    Great questions Mark!

    ETA: Reread the question and changed my #2 answer. Those 'double-negatives' get me.
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    Talking from Darkroom days

    1 D
    2 C
    3 A

    Still wart to do this with out the book

    Me crazy
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    I HAVE been following along (I started the initial post ;-) ) I just havent been keeping up with posting my answers.

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    I think DCA too.

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    I'm thinking D, C, A as well.
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