View Full Version : Critique times still available

01-02-2008, 01:29 PM
I just got an email from Jim Dingwell and I know there are still critique time slots available. Call him TODAY at 866.591.9190, tomorrow he will be traveling to Tampa. If you don't get ahold of him today, you can still just show up at the table in the print show and ask for a time slot. I know I have been pushing these critiques but I believe they are very valuable to everyone, whether you are planning to enter or not.


01-02-2008, 02:43 PM
I have to echo Keith here. Leslie has gone to the last 3 mentor sessions and the help last year brought all four of her images to hang with 3 loan.

01-05-2008, 03:59 AM
Got my slot. This is going to be my first session. Hopefully I'll learn enough to participate this year and maybe even make it.