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01-01-2008, 03:22 PM
I entered prints at state level and recieved an 80 and an 86. (the others were in the high 70's) What is the next step? Do I enter those at SEPPA (I'm in Florida) and then on to the national level? Do I enter only those or do I enter more? I'm not very good yet but have learned an amazing amount in the competitions and would like to continue.

Also, have all the prints that will be hanging at convention gone through this same progression? I will be helping to hang them on Saturday. I can't wait to see what is out there. It is always great inspiration.

01-01-2008, 03:34 PM
If you want to enter at the seppa level you can, but yes, that's the next step. You don't have to enter at the regional (seppa), it's not a requirment. But if you enter at seppa and get a merit, you will automatically get a merit at the ppa level when entered.

On your high 70s prints, if you got any feedback from them and got advice as to why they didn't go higher, I would maybe rework them before entering them again. But you never know, they could merit at ppa, it has happened.

01-01-2008, 03:41 PM
Debra, If you recieved an 80 and an 86, I'd say you are plenty "good". To answer your question, if you follow the whole progression, the next step would be to enter your regional. You can enter the same 4 prints, pick the two highest scores and use 2 new prints or 4 completely different or whatever you feel like entering. FWIW, sometimes a state or local judging is a little higher on the scoring than an affliate judging at a regional or on the national level. That is not always so, but the local and state judgings are where new judges learn and get experience. Newer judges sometimes tend to error on the side of generous or go the other way and be too strict. So sometimes you don't get as accurate of a score on that level of judging. At your regional judging it will be a panel of all affliate qualified judges and if the print recieves a seal there, for a score of 80 or above, it will automatically recieve a merit if you send it on to national.

You asked " have all the prints that will be hanging at convention gone through this same progression?" The answer is some have and some haven't. Some makers will have entered their prints at local, then regional before sending on to national judging. Some makers choose to skip the locals and send only to regional affliate or even just straight to national with no prior judgings of the print. At national judging if the print has a seal, it only goes in front of a panel for loan collection judging. If it comes before a panel to be judged for a merit, we do not know if it was judged before and did not get a seal or if this is the first time it was entered. There is no stigma attached to either option.

If you haven't signed up for the print critique at national, I would suggest you contact Jim Dingwell and see if there are still any spaces left. I think you would find it very informative.

01-02-2008, 04:50 AM
Thanks - I was pretty confused about the whole system. I have an appointment for the print critique on Sunday. I'm excited and nervous.