View Full Version : Critiques for me too.

12-22-2007, 10:34 PM
Well, Western States is just a little more than three weeks away and I'm way late.
I'll start with these and then dig some more off my backup drives.
You don't have to beat around the bush--I've entered comp before.
I'll start with the real client photos and then if I don't find any comp material, I'll get into the non client images.


OK--I thought about just taking 5-6 and have them dance across on the same background.


THe orig is in color with red light.


Head and shoulders???? May be too blah

Anyway, let me have it straight and I'll go looking for more.

12-23-2007, 02:57 PM
Hi Auralee,

You have some delightful images here that I am sure the clients raved over. The 9-up of the girl makes me smile as I look at it.

These comments are based on a small image to look at...
For competition; however, I see the images scoring in the average-above average range.
The 9-up has wonderful expression but (imo) the clothing on the girl is one thing holding this in the average range... Her red stripes compete with the rest of the image for attention.
The last one of the young girl (to me) is your strongest of the 3. You have a nice quality of light, the clothing compliments the overall presentation... but (imo) the expression on her face is holding this one back. Maybe with excellent print quality and a great title (ask Holly!) you might have a merit print.

Let's see what Keith and others have to say....