View Full Version : Digital Album Judging at International Print Competition 2006

11-14-2005, 04:56 PM
Beginning at the International Print judging in July 2006, album competition entrants may submit their Album entries on CD. This exciting change in the International Print Competition will simplify the submission process and greatly reduce the cost of producing and shipping physical albums. Since most albums today are made from digital files, many entrants will already be familiar with the process. Just design your best album, be it a wedding, bar mitzvah, family or portrait event. Save each page as a jpg file and drop the pages into a folder. Burn that folder onto a CD and send it in with your entries to the PPA International Competition in July 2006. Remember, this year's entry deadline is June 1, 2006. Entrants may submit up to four albums, and each album must be saved to a seperate CD.

If you make your album the traditional way with film and prints, pages and album covers you can still enter the physical album into the competition, just as in the past.You may also photograph your album pages and send those images in on a CD.

Digital Album Entry Specifications:

One CD Per Entry
Viewable Image Size: 1024 x 768 pixels, Horizontal
Gamma: 2.2
Color Space: sRGB
File Format: JPG
Qty of Images: Not to exceed 70.
Use three digit file names, sequenced numerically in the order in which you wish them to be viewed. Example: 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, etc.
Put all your images into one folder named with the title of your entry.
Complete rules and entry forms for the 2006 International Print Competition will be available soon. For the latest information visit http://competitions.ppa.com (http://competitions.ppa.com/)