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07-06-2007, 01:19 PM
Now that PPA is joining the modern world and allowing online image submission for certification, I thought we could discuss the particulars here. Since this is new, I'm going to take the leap of faith to assume that it is a work in progress and is subject to modification to better suit the purpose for which it is intended.

Let me say this up front. All of my suggestions could be implemented and in place by one person working at a fairly leisurely place for one morning. It may sound like more work than it is.

Image Submission Paperwork
My first observation is that the image submission paperwork needs to be modified to recognize this new method of image submission. The "example of how images are to be prepared" page is fine for prints, but provides no guidance for the preparation of electronically submitted images. This takes about 10 minutes to fix, if you take your time. All that is necessary is following information:

max vertical pixel dimension
max horizontal pixel dimension
max file size
color space requirements, if any
file type requirements (jpeg, tiff, etc)

I know that a generic link is provided to the portfolios.com image uploading tips page. This page may be fine for what they intend it to be (I'd argue that point), but it has MUCH too much chaff for the amount of actual relevant information. If you want a recipe to confuse photographers, you need look no further. Just provide the aforementioned specifications.

Size Matters!
In conjunction with the maximum file size, the pixel dimensions are the most important factor in determining the quality of the images for review purposes. If you read through that whole uploading tips page, you see that the suggested maximum pixel dimension is 550 pixels on the long side. I submit that 550 pixels is insufficient for the purposes of certification image submission. The resulting image on the computer screen is bound to be too small to properly evaluate sharpness among other things, especially if multiple people are going to be viewing the images simultaneously on the same screen. It's a recipe for eyestrain. Considering that a monitor appropriate for evaluating images has at minimum a screen resolution of 1024 pixels in the vertical dimension, I would say that 1000 pixels on the long dimension would be far more appropriate, especially given the relatively generous file sizes allowed (250KB, even if we assume the lowest "portfolio package").

And a question as well. In the "example of how images are to be prepared" page, it says the photographer is to put a numbered sticker on the front of each print indicating which of the twenty images a particular print is (presumably so feedback can be of the form "sharpness is an issue on prints 3,17 and 18" rather than "sharpness is an issue on the image of the dog with the hat, and the girl in the pink dress, and the character study of the old bearded man") Is this still required? Presumably the unique filenames will serve this purpose.

Job Assignment Information
It is my understanding that a brief description of the job assignment was/is required for print submissions. If this is the case, one would expect a similar requirement for online image submission. This could be accomplished by uploading a text, word document, or pdf along with the images. There is currently no guidance on this point.

Thank you PPA, for making an effort to facilitate and improve image submission for certification! A few minor tweaks and it should be golden.

Oh, one more thing, not that it's going to affect me since I'll have my images submitted for the Aug review, but what is the reason for going to a schedule of only one image review a year? Seems to me that will have several effects that might not be universally viewed as positive. First, since ALL the images for the whole year will be reviewed at once, it is likely to be more of an ordeal. Second, people whose images don't pass muster the first time will now only have one more try before their two years expires, raising the stakes a bit. Something to consider.

07-06-2007, 03:32 PM

Thank you for the update. Where was the announcement about this and when does the process change? I was planning on submitting for August. I was unable to find a link on the certified site for uploading the images.

07-06-2007, 03:52 PM
Deb, there is no announcement as of yet. The information has been revealed, up to this point, only by contacting PPA and it has been noted on the forum a couple of times.

Contact Marisa Pitts at PPA, she will forward the information to you via email, and you go from there. I am sure, when the issues are worked out, that a formal announcement will be made.

Mark, I agree with you 100% on all points noted. Well written and great observations. For the August review, it is my understanding you do not need to note the image number on the front of the image, nor do you need to send information regarding the job and client information. I am sure either this will change in the future or a change will be made to the original recommendations for submission.

07-06-2007, 07:02 PM
Hi Jackie, long time to talkie.

I went to the certified website and there is information about online submissions in teh submission guidelines PDF.

I'll call before I submitt to make sure everything is correct.