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05-27-2007, 06:15 AM
These questions don't really apply to my entries for this year but I've got a couple of questions about the "necessary releases" called for on the print entry form. I realize these may be somewhat special cases but here goes:

First, I've seen merited images on display that because of language or cultural barriers I imagine it would have been difficult to have obtained a release. Sometime ago I saw an entered print that showed a lady leaning out a window high up in a European apartment building as she was watering plants in a windowsill flower-box. I also recall an image of two priests - or maybe it was nuns - walking along some European street. In both these cases the subjects were recognizable. I have no idea or interest in knowing if releases were obtained for either of the two examples I've mentioned; what I want to know is if releases are "necessary" before entering images like them. When visiting non-English speaking countries would a photographer need to keep releases in the local dialect on-hand? Would the photographer of a lady watering her plants need to knock on the apartment door and try to track her down to sign a release?

Second, are releases necessary from every person - guests, attendants, etc. - pictured in an entered wedding album? If not, why not?

Finally, what about images that include product or company trademarks or recognizable property? For example I've photographed Division 1A sports events, football games, cheerleaders, etc. for a state university. Is it permissible to enter, without releases, an image that includes several football players in action? Not only would I have no release from the players but their uniforms and helmets display trademarked logos. Additionally the stadium where they are playing is recognizable. Are releases necessary in these kinds of situations and if so from which parties?


05-27-2007, 07:42 AM
I've always wondered about some of these issues myself, but just never asked... I think if the images are published for 'journalistic' purposes then in most cases a release is not necessary, but is a competition considered a form of journalism? I certainly believe we tell stories with such images and isn't this the meaning of journalism?

I've got a shot of several cows in a field that all decided to look at the camera right when I took the shot, I wonder if I need a release from them?:)