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05-09-2007, 07:53 PM
It has been 14years and I think I should start entering some prints.Have at it tell me what you think. How would you present it and Title. or would you bother.http://ourppa.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3537&stc=1&d=1178736728

05-09-2007, 09:32 PM
Hi Rory;

My idea of a portrait on swings : a kid swinging high / done from a distance with lots of room / and not looking at, or paying attention, to you at all. In other words - a Norman Rockwell style image telling a story.

Your image is too ordinary to score well and her head is too centered left to right. She looks like she was having fun and the background was nicely out which makes her stand out. But there is no impact and no real story. I hope to see you re-do this and post again.

05-09-2007, 09:35 PM
Ok how about these?http://ourppa.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3540&stc=1&d=1178742863http://ourppa.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3541&stc=1&d=1178742880

05-09-2007, 11:10 PM
Rory, you always have the cutest cats!

05-09-2007, 11:32 PM
I have don abot 100 sessions this year? So I have a large pool to choose from. Thanks.