View Full Version : Critique these please

04-16-2007, 10:15 PM
I really would like someone to let me know if these are any good for competition at national level?

04-18-2007, 04:23 AM
It is really hard to tell from these small files. I do not want to discourage you from entering but I am afraid these would be in the 70-73 range. I will make my comments on these files as I see them. The hi key image of the mother and son is a nice image for the client but for competition there are a few issues that will hold it down. First the vingette cutting into the moms back and shoulder looks too harsh. There appears to be a difference in skintone exposure between the son and moms faces. The full length images should have a base and this image has the feet (base) cut off. I can't tell what the lighting pattern is in this file and likewise I can not tell if there is detail in moms hair, both of which are important factors in a competition print.

The low key image of the girl.
This is a nice attempt at a stylized art peace. Again this image is hampered by the small file but here is what I see. On a dark image like this you use light to guide the viewer to what is the most important element. In this case it is her legs and arms. I see what appears to be an exposure problem causing blow out in the high lights on the legs and arms. I see the vingette cutting off her feet which with lighting you have told us is very close to the most important element. I can not tell if there is detail in her dress seperating her body from the back ground. Try using a background light very low power to add seperation here. The soft focus technique that you have used is haliating from the high lights to the point that it appears the face and hat brim is out of focus as opposed to soft focus. There appears to be an issue with distortion from too short of lens. The distance from the knees down appears to be equal to the distance from her waist to the top of her hat. Remember that what is closer to the lens appears larger. This distortion becomes more prominate with wider angle lenses so if possible try to (I am assuming this is a zoom lens) use the longest zoom you can in the space available. The hat appears to blend with the background as well. If you are going to enter an image like this you would need a powerfull title that could explain the hidden face and hot skintones.