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04-11-2007, 07:19 PM
I, too am considering entering the print competition for the first time. I have no idea where to begin. If anyone has a few moments to check out my web site http://barbarathornberryphotography.com I would surely appreciate it! And let me have it... I can take it. :eek: Most of the shots are under the galleries section THANkS A BUNCH!

04-11-2007, 07:45 PM
The best choices that I see are on the sports page - the image of all the fourwheelers heading up the hill and the dancer on the white background. however - looking at these from a website and seeing actual prints are two different things.

The 4 wheelers - take out the blue banner showing below the one 4 wheeler at the upper left - so there is sky between him and the hill. I think I would like it better flipped - but then you will have to fix all recognizable letters and numbers. Also - it needs a bit more saturation. I am assuming that it is tack sharp - if not - choose another image instead. The title would be "Follow Me Home Boys"

The dancer - cropped too tight - needs lots more room around her. I think I would extend the background to the left - where her hand is pointing - so you have space to "read into" her hand. A title possibility is Stork - or someting about sharp angles. I can't tell print quality from your website - but it looks like something funny is going on in the background - that would need to be addressed.

I kinda like the 5 refs - even though it has several technical issues that would keep it from meriting - but just cause Holly suggested a great title for it "Battle of the Bulge".

Under fine art - the sunset coastline might have a chance. I am thinking take out two of the houses on the cliff and leave 1 - I like the brightest white one - but it is so close to the right hand side - will be an issue. Also the bright grass in the foreground (flash filled? why?) needs to go away - don't think you can crop it cause of composition - probably just tone it down.


04-11-2007, 09:30 PM
Oh. I thought we were talking about Marietta.