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03-30-2007, 04:29 PM
This is the eleventh year that this school has been in existance and has won high praise from not only the instructors but attendees as well
i have attended almost every year and will be back as an assistant in
Rick& Debbie Ferro class this year.
It has always been a great learning experience as well as a educational vacation for me
listed below are the instructors for this year
Held in Cape May New Jersey April 29--May4

MARS 2007 instructors include:

* Suzette Allen "Photoshop - Get the EDGE"

* Carl Caylor "Portraiture - Seeing the Light"

* Michele Celentano "Brides to Babes"

* Scott Dupras "Painter - An Artistic Passion"

* Don Emmerich "Photoshop - Make the Magic"

* Rick & Deborah Ferro "The Romance of Wedding Photography"

* Jeff Johnson "Building Your Own Website"

* The Wackers "Turn Pixels into Profit$ - Progressive Portraiture"

Steven Yahr CPP FP