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02-05-2007, 04:23 PM
Hi group;

I'm giving the certification exam on Sunday February 11th in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. One photographer signed up to take it. We both agreed to start the test between 10:30AM and 10:45AM since neither of us wants to miss a single moment of the seminar with Fuzzy and Shirley Deunkel.

I'll be giving it again in April at our state assn. annual convention on Sunday April 22nd. The hotel, in Camp Hill, is just across the Susquehanna river from our state capitol of Harrisburg. Anyone interested in taking the exam contact me at the studio: floryphotog@mindspring.com or by phone at
(717) 838-9087. You can tell me you want to set up to take it or to just ask questions.

D. Craig Flory PPA C.P.P. Liaison