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01-24-2007, 08:49 PM
Can I Get Input Regarding These Images That I Am Considering For Ppa Competition. I Have Done Very Little To Them. I Am Just Trying To Decide Which Have The Best Chance Of Meriting. Can Anyone Help.

01-24-2007, 09:19 PM
Hi Larry;

Congratulations on posting something. I hope you will post many more.

What is special about an image ? What gives enough impact to make a panel of judges look at it more than a couple of seconds ? The higher the competition, the more images judges have to wade through. So an image must have enough impact to "grab" them. Hopefully the title is enough to get them anticipating what image goes with that title. If they are not disappointed by the image, and it fits the title, is it unique or powerful enough to hold their attention ? Is it an image that at least one judge will love and fight for ?

Your image #1 doesn't have the element of impact. Not all 12 elements of judging's Dirty Dozen need be present in a merit print. However, impact is one the must be present. There isn't anything to set itr apart from the other thousands of entries. The horizon line is going through her head. The white trim on her blouse needs to be removed. She is facing straight on with her head and body. And she has a bland expression.

On image #2, it once again isn't a grabber. It is a cute image, especially for me since I'm a dog lover. But it looks like someone walked into a room, saw 4 dogs laying on a sofa and squeezed the shutter. There is one part I do like though ... if the image was just that part.

Here is a quick example of the potential way this image could have been captured. Itn was from a low-res smaller image so it is pixelated but I think it will give you some ideas for next time.