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01-22-2007, 03:26 PM
It was great getting to meet many of you at our little booth on the outskirts of San Antonio..er...the convention center. I know a lot of you had to come back a couple of times due to the crowds and we really appreciate it, especially those that came back time after time with friends and colleagues to have them sample our products. Eileen, Dave, Laura and I had a great time working the show and we've already signed up for next year..with a bigger booth!

As we mentioned to many of you, we are looking at doing more and more to support the professional community. If we scanned your badge you will be getting a short survey to have your comments known to our creative and marketing groups as we define the program. If we did not scan your badge (hey..it was busy!) please email me at bwatermann@blurb.com and I'll make sure you get the survey.


Bruce Watermann
VP Print Operations
Blurb, Inc.