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08-22-2006, 08:30 PM
Are "achievement" and "service" merits the same thing?

Other than the obvious PPA classes, what are some of the best ways to earn achievement/service merits for newbies?

I've read the things listed on the PPA site (pdf) on this topic and they list like 10 ways, but alot of them seem to be things that one would expect you would already need to have a master degree for (ie President, judging/juror, speaking, etc).

Thanks for any advice!

08-22-2006, 11:08 PM

To my knowledge service and achiement merits are one in the same. You get them by attending PPA affiliated schools, PPA approved continuing eductaion programs and Super Mondays. You may also recieve service/achievements merits by being the president of your state PPA affiliate, Chairman ( convention) for your state PPA affiliate.

There may be tohers but those are they way I earned all of mine.

Speaking merits are earned by judging PPA affiliated competitions, being a webmaster or newsletter editor for your state, local and or regional PPA Affiliate ( and submitting the websiite/newsletter to the PPA communications competition) and speaking at super mondays, ppa affilaited state or local meetings and PPA affiliated schools.

John Stein

08-23-2006, 12:16 AM
Hi John;

If you attend a PPA sanctioned class you get an education merit. If you write an article that is printed in the Professional Photographer magazine, you get a merit. If you attend a Super Monday , you get a merit. So you do not have to be a Master to get merits. I got my first teaching merit by teaching an early bird class for my state association on, of all things, MS Publisher for creating studio forms and literature. I got a bunch of teaching merits by teaching a bunch of Photoshop Classes. And I got two teaching merits from being a print competition judge twice.

Do you have a forte' ... something you are good at ? It could be framing a portrait or lighting techniques. Approach your talent chairperson for your state association ( I assume you are a member) and ask what they look for and what openings they may have for the next two years.

Generally, you will get one teaching merit for a program at a regular meeting and two merits for teaching at a state convention. Super Monday will also get you two teaching merits. Education merits are normally at one each for taking a class. If you attend somewhere like Triangle Institute or similar schools that are five days long, I believe you get two education merits ... possibly more.

I get two service merits per year for serving as PPA C.P.P. Liaison as well.

I'm sure others like Holly will make sure I have this right but I'm pretty sure you get service merits for helping on print committee for the PPA annual competition.

Good luck and start racking up those merits.

Keep in mind that you can only use a merit once. So if you use education and / or service merits towards the 12 you need for Craftsman, you can't use those same merits towards Master.

D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, Cr.Photog., ASP

08-23-2006, 12:27 AM
I'm sure others like Holly will make sure I have this right but I'm pretty sure you get service merits for helping on print committee for the PPA annual competition.

I don't know, I think I heard I'm supposed to get a merit, but I haven't got them yet.