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08-06-2012, 08:10 PM
Hello all. I have recently passed my exam for my CPP certification and next on the agenda as you all know is the image submission. I am curious about the order of images in the "body of work". I am in process of putting the final touches on my images and would love to know if there is a preferred order that helps the judges in their task. I am not sure I am submitting the question in the correct forum thread as I am just starting in the forum postings. I will be posting some images shortly for a little guidance as from what I have seen out here you are are very helpful. Thanks for the help. :-)

Terry Anderson

08-06-2012, 10:48 PM
There is a certain order required for the compulsory images. The mandatory ones come first, and I think the order is short lighting, broad lighting, selective focus. Then come the remaining compulsory images, which you can choose and pick the order. Then comes the body of client work, which can be in any order.

My best recommendation (as a PPCC judge) is to offer rock solid images from beginning to end, which is to say that every image you pick should be properly exposed, well composed, have good color (or good tonality in a black and white), be sharp, and well lit. You want to demonstrate consistency. And every image should be a completed image- exactly as you would deliver to a client (save the logo). I had to critique a guy who seemed to know what he was doing, except none of the compulsory images were finished images. Don't do that. Once you give a judge a reason for concern they will focus on that.

Judging is harder than you think. You see a LOT of images. You get an idea in the first few images if a submission is on the right track or not. With the compulsory images, you are basically allowed to simply set up a shot to demonstrate a particular skill and make adjustments until you get it right, and then submit that image, so there's really no excuse NOT to nail it if you know what you are doing. So NAIL them. And then submit 9 of your best photographs (from a technical perspective) from your client files. The back story on the images doesn't matter. If the degree of difficulty is apparent in the type of shot, you will get recognition of that. But for the most part, how hard the photograph was to create doesn't really matter, only the result.

You will have clients for whom not a single shot from their session rises to the level of being worthy of submission- that's ok, just don't submit those. Be VERY picky, especially about the basics. Exposure should be exact on anything you submit. Be ruthless in your selection process. You may find out you need to use images from upcoming sessions in order to round out a strong submission. In those sessions, do all of the things you have learned so far.

Your goal is to make it so you have submission-worthy images from EVERY session you conduct.

08-07-2012, 01:58 AM
Mark, Thanks for the advise. I needed that clarification. I am looking forward to putting everything together for the image submission. Although I am a little nervous too. :-) I have never had my work judged. It will be a learning experience as every day in photography is. Thanks again.

Terry Anderson