View Full Version : certification images-can you use the same model for all 6 compulsory images?

07-23-2012, 11:20 PM
So can anyone tell me if they are 100% positive that you can use the same model for the compulsory 6 images for image submission?

07-23-2012, 11:55 PM
The first six (6) images uploaded must fit within the new compulsory guidelines showing a standardized technical proficiency that all professional photographers, regardless of specialty, should know. (These images may come directly from client files or may be set up to demonstrate the technique that is required.)

So, you can set up to demonstrate the technique that is required. I did use the same client for two of my compulsory images. Claudia, make your 6 images and then post here to see how you do.

07-24-2012, 12:18 AM
Thank you.

07-24-2012, 02:41 AM
Even if you can use the same subject for all of the images - why don't you just do one of the compulsory images on each of your next 6 clients and knock them out that way so you'll have 6 different faces to show the judges?