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06-25-2012, 05:25 PM
Nervous as hell to do this, but wanted to know if any of these are worth submitting to the IPC. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

06-25-2012, 07:21 PM
First, I am not a judge and there are better qualified people on the forum but I'll start off.

I see two things wrong with the first image. Your vertical lines in the walls are keystoned and not vertical. This could probably be fixed. The second is that there is not enough light on the brides face. The top half of her face has no detail due to his shadow.

Second image - I find the bride's pose off balance and the fact that they are ignoring each other on their wedding day just does not flow. I think you loose the impact of the day.

Third image - I like the treatment of it. Watch your rule of thirds with the girl and I wish I could see more of her face. With a sad title for impact and story telling, this might work.

Forth image - The wide angle distortion of his head is going to kill this one. It's a good image and I'll bet mom loved it but I don't think it will work for competition.

Last image - On my monitor, you have lost too much detail in all the dark parts of the image and the reflection of his eyes in the bevel on the mirror fights for your attention.

I think you are so close to being there that you need to keep trying. I think these are very sellable images but probably not what you want to enter.

I once was given the advice that for every session you shoot to take the last couple of shots, not for the client but for competition. I try to follow that advice so I have a good pool of images to select from. Just something to think about.

06-25-2012, 07:44 PM
Thanks for you input Roger. I'll try and work more with the vertical distortion on the first one. When I worked with it originally, I ended up losing the beam to the left and it just felt weird, so I left it as is. Does the composition need it for balance?

In regards to her face, the "shadow" is actually her bangs and they are dark, I'll try to lighten them up.

On the second image, I was worried their "separation" might be an issue, but they/we were trying to go with a badass type feel. Guess it doesn't really work. Sais la vie.

I'll stew on the title for the third, it's one of my faves from the past few months.

On the last image, I intentionally burned in the area around the mirror, it was dark to begin with, but thought it would help draw the focus to the mirror. And I was really worries about the "third eye". Too creepy? Should I clone it out or just darken or blur it?

06-25-2012, 10:14 PM

On the last image, I intentionally burned in the area around the mirror, it was dark to begin with, but thought it would help draw the focus to the mirror. And I was really worries about the "third eye". Too creepy? Should I clone it out or just darken or blur it?

I would try to clone it out, to creepy for me. When you burn down an area, you have to make sure there is still detail in it. The judges do not like blown highlights or shadow areas, you have to have some detail in both. Also, like I said, I'm out of the studio today on a junk monitor so there may be detail in the shadows that I am missing.

06-30-2012, 12:24 AM
Hello Kat-
Print comp can be very intimidating especially in the beginning. It's a learning process that can take many competitions to figure out the 12 Elements.
It's obvious you enjoy your photography and the rewards of your talent. Judges are looking for the images the are worthy of Meriting and Loans.
Many times, technical issues will hold back an image from meriting.

Your wedding doorway wedding: Good start and concept. The low camera angle, wide lens, is causing keystone and perspective problems. There is a loss of detail in the black tux, and surrounding doorway. the groom appears to blend into the door. The door's glass pane needs to be toned down. The lights above the could should also be toned down to bring detail back into the walls.
Be careful of the vignetting effect caused by burning or darkening your edges.
Mainly, the poses could be worked on, being more natural with the arms and hands. The arms looks posed, uncomfortable for a wedding shot.

Wedding couple outdoors: the first issue I recognize is the ground appears not level, the couple are leaning in one direction. The whites of her dress could use more detail in the whites. It appears your 'Levels' are on the extreme ends of the curve, no details in the whites and blacks.
Question: Is there a reason to have such a soft focus?
Retouch the all of foliage in the background, spotty light patterns are distracting.
Composition- the couple is too centered, too much empty space above them. Posing could be changed, so they appear to interact with each other, this is a wedding shot. The bride's pose appears too masculine adding weight to her body.

Girl in doorway: Impact is very important toward getting a merit score. There many technical issues with this image. While viewing, I'm confused if this should be a faded color or b/w image. I'm viewing a slight green/yellow cast across the entire image. Be careful when darkening the edges, there's an obvious vignetting effect which is distracting. This image looks as if it was copy scanned, not an original image.
Storytelling is missing, very confusing. Did you try viewing this as a true b/w image?

Little boy with big smile: very nice approach with his portrait. Nice shallow depth of field, energetic expression, a good feeling portrait. Tone down his skin tones slightly, his blue eyes will stand out much more.
Be careful about the vignetting effect, it's not good when it's obvious. Crop into his face tighter (keep his feet in), so the viewer's eyes won't wonder into the empty spaces.
Create an exciting title.

Mirrored groom: unfortunately there are too many issues holding this back. Technical, no impact, quality of image. We don't have to beat on this anymore.

Meriting is tough in the beginning, but you'll always learn from let downs.
If you feel you're falling, fall forward, not backwards.

06-30-2012, 02:11 AM
Dwight has given you some very fantastic insight into your images. I couldn't even begin to add more to it.

07-02-2012, 03:38 PM
thanks ya'll. I'll keep at it :)