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03-12-2012, 03:45 PM
I was Facebooking this morning and saw that the International Print Competition group (LINK (http://www.facebook.com/TheIPC/posts/319368644787483)) says that the PEC is in the planning stages of making Fusion part of the album category. Thoughts?

03-12-2012, 05:05 PM
My thoughts are why would something like this be brought up in a Facebook page instead of thread in the Official PPA Forum? The facebook page that you directed us to is an open group and can solicit opinions from non-PPA members. Besides that the author is anonymous behind an official looking International Photographic Competition seal that carries the PPA Logo.

They'er conversations are far from being non-bias in the matter.

"International Photographic Competition: We have seen an influx of "fusion" for High School Seniors, Weddings, etc... We want to know if enough of our members are interested or not. The first year that we offered digital judging everyone was up in arms about yet we are seeing a big shift with our long time members entering digital files. We can't bury our heads in the sand and wait we have to be proactive to stay sharp and viable."

That aside..

I agree with you Christine that we are photographers not videographers. Part of the judging criteria deals with impact. What if the impact of the video part of the fusion was great due to music and movement but the photography was less than stellar. You have now added an emotional component to the still images that wasn't there because a fusion album carries music through out the presentation. IE: I'm suggesting that if you take a picture of burned out field shot with a PS camera on P and presented it for judging it would garner one score. Now take that same picture. Run it with the soundtrack "Flight of the Valkyries" you would end up with a different score.

Not to mention a fusion album can be made as an outsourced product using any number of services that make computer generated slide shows. Personally I don't see how I load the stuff up on the web and hit the button where I've had a deep hand in the creativity of the output.

Just my opinion.

03-12-2012, 05:18 PM
I'm all in a tither about it as my grandmother would have said. I need to step back and ignore it. I won't be participating.

03-12-2012, 10:21 PM
This is just the Photographic Exhibitions Committee's efforts to keep abreast of current trends and stay current with the members desires. Nothing official has been announced, so they are probably just testing the waters...

A bit of history - many things have changed and evolved over the years in the PPA Photographic Competitions just as the structure of the association has changed. Many years ago, PPA had different groups or divisions within the association - a Commercial division, a Portrait division, a Wedding Division, a Video Division and a Forensics Division. During that time, there were separate divisions within the National Judging - with the Video division having it's own competition. There were three competitions with their own separate degrees - Photographic (Master of Photography), Art-Tech (Master Artist) and Video (Master of Electronic Imaging). Over the years, the number of videotapes being submitted dropped off to where there were no entries for a couple of years - so the Electronic Imaging competition disappeared. The same thing happened with the Art-Tech competition as digital took over and conventional artwork techniques disappeared - we had no entries in Art-Tech at the national judging for a couple of years, and the Art-Tech competition went away. The Electronic Imaging competition was created a few years ago to provide a means of judging Digital artwork. This Electronic Imaging competition was not the same as the old one since the old one was for Videography and the new one was for digital artists. The new EI competition has been more appropriately renamed the Master Artist Competition to better describe it's content (and I expect that name to be changed again to something like the "Digital Artistry Competition" getting rid of the Master part of the title - after all, the Open competition is not called the Master of Photography Competition). PPA no longer has a Video competition, but they do have members whose business is videography, and there are some videographers who have MEI degrees but do no Digital artwork, since they earned their degrees years ago when Videography was part of the competition, and the degree for Wedding Videogrphers was Master of Electronic Imaging.

Life is all about evolution... things keep evolving... or they die...
At one time we had divisions, now they are gone...
The PPA Forensics Division became EPIC...
CPP became "PPA Certified" and now it's CPP again...
Video was not allowed, then it was, now it's gone...
The PEC now offers digital judging where in the past it was prints only...
Artwork had it's own competition, then none, now it has a digital version...

Is Fusion the next video? who knows? But at least the PEC is looking into it and keeping abreast of the members needs. But don't worry, I'm sure that it won't be a quick addition - there are a lot of things they will consider and debate at length before making such an addition. One thing that they will need to consider is judges - the judges in each competition need to be qualified to judge the material they are judging - how will they qualify Fusion judges when there is no current definite guidelines for "fusion", what is good fusion and what is bad, and what about the possibility of automated fusion creation by outside computer sources? So that will take them some time and work to hash out. The committee worked for 3-4 years before adding in the digital submission option. The PEC is a very dedicated, hard working group of individuals (I'm not a member of the PEC, but I know those who are) and I'm sure that all of the pros and cons will be well considered before any major changes are made .