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12-09-2011, 05:50 PM
What are the rules for shipping albums. I have several albums to submit and they don't fit well within the 2" Fiberbuilt cases I have. Any suggestions for shipping multiple albums other than several 4" cases?

12-14-2011, 01:35 AM
According to the rules..

"Approved shipping cases are defined as those intended for reusable shipping of photographs or artwork. These would generally include straps, zippers, or twist type clasps and a space to attach shipping labels. Cases should not be shipped to us inside another box.
Containers such as portfolio cases used for storage or for hand carrying artwork, cardboard or homemade cases and boxes are not considered approved shipping cases. In addition, unserviceable cases are defined as any case that requires special handling (i.e., cases with missing or partially missing handles, or those requiring packing tape, string, rope, etc.).

But... there are really no pre-manufactured shipping cases that are designed for album shipping. So generally any kind of reclosable, reusable case that has the ability to be shipped and has a place for a shipping label can be used. For multiple albums, one large case with foam cutout inserts would work - just don't use a cardboard box. I have seen albums shipped in extra thick print cases with the inside filled with a foam cut-out and smaller custom cases that are designed for the album. I've also seen extra thick cases used that can encase both the prints and the albums being submitted for judging, and I've also seen custom built cases that were made just for shipping albums to competitions.

If you check the PPA web-site under Competition, and check approved print cases you will find the following references....
"Print cases that are made specifically for shipping photographs and art are available many places. Following is a partial listing of suppliers that should be able to help you:
Ted Saylor Custom Cases 352-568-8888"

One of the locations above should be able to outfit you with a case that will work.

Because of the cost of printing an album and it being away from the maker for so long, PEC decided about 6 years ago to start accepting albums on a CD presentation, and most of the albums submitted are in the form of CD's.
But... I don't want to discourage you from submitting a physical album just because of the shipping issues... we only had a few physical albums at the IPC this year, but the majority of the physical albums submitted to the IPC this year did VERY well.

At SWPPA last year, we had one person wrap his albums in bubble wrap and used an old large Doskosil plastic equipment case to send in his albums. I've also seen large Pelican cases used as shipping cases. Tenba makes some ballistic nylon cases that many use for prints, but you can order them in bigger thicknesses that can handle albums. Just a couple of ideas...

12-14-2011, 10:59 AM
Also, check out www.dickblick.com - great prices on portfolio and mailing cases.