View Full Version : 3 --- 5 Day INTENSE HANDSON Off Camera Flash & Strobe Lighting Workshops in 2012

11-10-2011, 07:48 AM
5 days of INTENSE off camera lighting course (3 different schools)


Just wanted to let everyone know that we (TriCoast) will be teaching three 5 day classes on just off camera lighting. These classes will be advanced in nature but as long as you understand shutter speed, ISO, and f/stops and how they relate you will be fine in the class.

Going over TTL and how it works and works AMAZINGLY well if you understand it completely, manual methods, line of sight for canon and Nikon, strobes, battery packs, radio transmitting devices, and a whole lot more. Seriously this is the most advance class we teach by the end of the 5 days you will not only understand it all but be shooting and doing it all and be able to shoot at home as soon as you get back and remember.


MAIPP School - http://maipp.com/ - Iowa

Image Explorations - http://www.imageexplorations.ca/ - Canada (West Coast)

Georgia School - http://www.gppaschool.com/GA_School/Home.html - Helen, GA (North GA)

All three classes YOU SHOOT and we teach so bring you comfy shoes and a great attitude cause we don't want no party poppers as these classes are hard work but a BLAST. Hope to see some of you soon and I promise you will understand OCF completely when you done with these five days.

No more asking questions on settings

No more wondering about manual vs TTL heck you can blend them together in the same shot and KNOW how to do it

No more worries is our goal with our No Secrets Education style teaching.

Come with a boatload of issues and leave them all behind is the concept I promise. We do (as TriCoast) hardly any shooting, you (as the student) will do a ton of hands on learning and shooting. Small groups of 3-7 people so learning is easier. Outside shooting 3 of the 5 days all day long you WILL understand these methods before you leave.

Oh and no more than 25 per class and we break you down into small groups. Our last 5 day school at Texas School sold out in less than a second and had 91 sign ups in that time so trust me when I say these classes will sell out so act fast to sign up

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all