View Full Version : General Image Certification Critque Comments

09-17-2011, 09:14 PM
These are comments which have been made before but are worth repeating for those who are getting ready for the next image submission by using the critique gallery. Some of the comments may seem harsh but after having reviewed countless images with the similar problems it seems like it is time to hit you over the head with it.

Pick your best images. Don't submit more than one of the same subject and expect us to tell you which one is the best. You are supposed to be a professional photographer and already know that.
A minimum professional standard includes images which are properly exposed, focused, color corrected, cropped and have good composition. If any one of these items is wrong, the image will not pass, it is not worth submitting nor is it worth our time to give an in depth critique.
This process is not meant to be easy. Certification provides a minimum professional standard for consumers. There are no shortcuts. Just one bad image is enough to cause an otherwise passing portfolio to fail.
You can't hide a poorly exposed image by converting it to black and white. There are judges who work expressly in B/W and can tell when an image is being rescued.
Likewise, your images are being viewed on color calibrated monitors. If your color correction is off, it will be noted.
If an image is fine, you might not get an in depth critique other than saying the image should be ok. There are a lot of images which need to be reviewed and the volunteers have a limited amount of time.
If an image has a glaring problem, you might not get an in depth critique because the major problem is enough to fail the image. A longer critique will be provided only when there are many factors contributing to an image's failure or the problems can be fixed.