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04-14-2011, 08:02 PM
Entered district competition for the 1st time, but didn't realize I could have gotten a judges critique. So if anyone is willing to oblige, I'd love some feedback on the images. "Spirit Soars" earned 76 (the angel girl), "Wings to Fly" earned 75 (girl leaping), "Who's There" earned 76 (Girl by door), and "Overnight Delivery" earned 77 (Baby in sac). And perhaps a better understanding of what the numbers sum up.
Thank you, Ann.

04-14-2011, 10:22 PM
I'll give you my 2 cents to get this started but I'm not a judge so my opinion is worth what you pay for it :rolleyes:. Remember that impact is a major factor in the scoring and your title forms an image in the judges mind before your image spins around. When it spins, that's when the impact happens.

Spirit Soaring - It is flat lit and would the judges think that the special effects are trying to mask a problem. If she is soaring, her hair should be flying.

Wings to Fly - I think it would have been stronger if she were coming at the camera instead of going away and if it had been shot closer to dusk. It looks like pretty close to high noon with harsh lighting.

Who's There - I think the major problem here is to much wall on the left side, it overpowers the girl. DOF is good behind the girl and had you moved the camera to compose her on the left of the image, I think it would be much stronger.

Overnight Delivery - I think it would have been stronger if you had burnt down the red wall. I think it competes to much with the baby. Also, I assume those are burlap bags under the baby but there is not enough of them or too much of them to add to the image.

Just my thoughts and I'm far from being an expert. Also, while these are very much sellable images, there is a difference between a competition image and a sellable image. I do like them.:)

04-19-2011, 03:31 PM
Thank you, Roger, I appreciate your time and feedback. After I opened these and looked at them "fresh," my 1st thought was, "too much door on Who's There." Too bad I saw it after the fact...
On the "Spirit Soars" image, I want to achieve a kind of ghost feeling, like a spirit or angel. So I was thinking light weight, some transparence, might get me there. I guess I need to explore that effect a little more.
Great suggestion on the "Wings to fly" image, time of day and angle. This was a case of her appt. time was her appt. time, so I need to keep in mind the difference of sellable vs. competition:)

I might rework the last 2 for IPC entries...or look for a few other options.
Great learning experience to push myself to grow.

04-19-2011, 04:38 PM
Ann - what Roger said and a couple more things

Spirit soars - you cut off her feet. She has no room to soar so she feels trapped and cramped rather then soaring and her eyes are half shut.

Wings to Fly - Exactly what Roger said, wrong time of day. Maybe that was her appointment time but then you find ways to make the light work if that's when you have to do the session. Also like Roger said, we are seeing more of her backside then her front. Which is ok if that's the story but it doesn't seem to be that case here. When working with a dancer I try to keep the forward arm the lower arm and the back arm the higher one. It helps avoid armpits and also blocking the face. Her outfit here does not help this pose because it is poofing out and making her heavy through the middle. It may be a dance costume but it doesn't look "dancer".

Who's there - It's not that there is too much door. Normally I like the balance of negative space. What makes the door an issue here is that it's big AND out of focus. Also you have a low key subject and background and then this mid key door, so all the attention goes to the door. If you rework this, you need to address her hand. It looks very grey and desaturated. My suspicion is you burned down the door and caught her hand.

Overnight Delivery - A very difficult subject to light properly in this position with the sling and the scale etc. It seems kind of flat light. I would like to have seen this with a strong directional light to suggest it was pouring in through an open window or doorway. The light in the upper right corner starts to give that impression but it doesn't follow through on the subject. It is hard to tell on this small low res file but it appears here that some areas of the background are sharper and some are softer, like you used some kind of effect or added softening vingnette. It doesn't seem like a realistic depth of field effect. Also, I know babies have very tiny feet in proportion to their heads but these feet seem exceptionally small which raises a question in my mind if the focal length was too short. Maybe it wasn't but you don't want to give judges anything to question, because that starts them looking to see if there is anything else. There appears to be a selection line around the bottom of the ivory fabric. Again - it may not be that but if it raises a question then you want to fix it.


04-19-2011, 08:44 PM
Thank so much, Keith.

Yes, this baby actually had an overly big head/cheeks. I should probably work with that differently. I don't remember the focal length, but will go back & look. Seems I wasn't too cramped, though. I understand the lighting conflict and how it is confusing the eye to what it wants to see, but doesn't. Nothing was outlined, but a good reminder to check for strange parts.

On "Who's There" I did burn down the door, and I think her hand was looking too hot and did that too.

Maybe "Spirit Soars" is just the wrong title for this image. I know a new title won't change the image quality, but perhaps the effect/mood conveyed. I'm still struggling with this idea/feeling in my head to come across visually.

Good feedback on all the images for me to consider and push forward. ;)