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03-15-2011, 09:53 PM
Good Day,

I'm Charlie Cotugno, a portrait photographer in the Seattle area. In 2005 I began creating portraits of kids and adults on the autism spectrum, each accompanied with a story about how autism had affected their lives and those of their families. I began the project because my son, now twelve, had been diagnosed with autism at age three. My goal was to raise awareness in my community in the hope that he, and other people on the spectrum, might have a better chance of being accepted and included and have a more fulfilled life.

To my surprise, this became much bigger and more popular than I ever expected. What I thought would be about ten portraits in coffee shops now includes over fifty portraits and stories, has been featured in lots of the industry mags and websites, been covered regularly on Seattle TV stations, and been in constant exhibit. It's also now a small non-profit organization with the mission of increasing awareness, acceptance, and inclusion through portraiture.

Next month, April, is Autism Awareness Month. My goal has always been to include photographers and subjects from around the world in creating portraits and contributing to the awareness cause. So I figured this April is as good as any other to get more people involved and feature some outstanding portraiture.

The photographic community has always been an amazing group of supportive people and I'm hoping some of you would like to participate in Stories of Autism Awareness Weekend, April 16th and 17th. Over that weekend photographers, people on the autism spectrum and their families will get together and create images that tell us a little something about them. The resulting portraits will become part of the Stories of Autism project. The photos will be on our website and may be used in exhibition with full credit and a link to your website. My goal is to have at least fifty photographers participate. (Note, if you're not available that weekend, that's okay. The real deadline is to have all portraits submitted by 4/29.)

You can learn all the details by clicking here (http://www.storiesofautism.com/#/register-soa-photographers/) or you can go to our main page at www.storiesofautism.com (http://www.storiesofautism.com). Whichever link you use, please be sure to look over the site so you can see what this is all about. If you want to participate, simply click on the link for photographers to find more details and register. There's also a video that you may find helpful.

Thanks in advance for your interest. if you have any questions you can reply to this thread or email me at the address in my signature. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated and help make a difference for millions of people with autism.

Best Regards,
Charles Cotugno Photography
Stories of Autism
Woodinville, WA

03-16-2011, 12:25 PM
Charlie, this is a wOnderful project. I did a story on a young girl with autism and her dog, i would love to participate. She lives in toronto canada and the story ran in dogs in canada magazine. I will take a peek at your links above.

All the best

03-16-2011, 02:09 PM
Is this something we can shoot at our studio and then send the images and story to you or do we have to come there?

03-22-2011, 11:05 PM

A few weeks back I posted a message that I was looking for photographers to participate in Stories of Autism Awareness Weekend, where photographers will be helping to raise awareness by creating images of kids and adults on the autism spectrum. Thanks to those of you from PWS who've volunteered their time and talents to this cause, we've got photographers and participants from all around the US and I'm looking forward to some fantastic images. The official event dates are April 16 & 17 but in all reality anytime between now and April 29, when files are due, is fine.

I still need photographers in the areas listed below where we have subjects needing to be photographed. Please let me know if you'd live in or near one of these areas and would like to help out by creating a portrait. Or you can pass the information along to aother photographer in the area who you think might be interested.

The cities in need of photographers are: Chicago; St. Peters, MO; St. Louis; Seeley Lake, MT; Allentown, NJ; Franksville, WI; Torrance, CA; Glendale, CA; Midland Park, NJ; Chilliwack, BC; Burnaby, BC.

If you live in an area other than those listed above you can still participate in this event. For more information about this event you can go to www.storiesofautism.com (http://www.storiesofautism.com) or go directly to the registration page by clicking here (http://www.storiesofautism.com/#/register-soa-photographers/). Feel free to email me (cc@cotugnophoto.com)or respond to this post with any questions.

Charlie Cotugno
Stories of Autism/Charles Cotugno Photography
Woodinville, WA
www.storiesofautism.com (http://www.storiesofautism.com)
www.cotugnophoto.com (http://www.cotugnophoto.com)

03-23-2011, 02:12 AM
Charlie, your other thread had questions left unanswered. If you answer those you may get more willing participants.

03-23-2011, 04:01 AM
The sessions are done in your own community with images and stories uploaded to an FTP server. No need to travel to Seattle! (I've also sent you an email with this info.)

03-23-2011, 04:05 AM
Hi Linda,

I had answered the one question I had in a private message and just posted the answer on that thread - portraits are created in your own community and uploaded to an FTP server. If you could let me know what other information would be valuable in the post that would be appreciated. I didn't want an extremely long post so I gave the website link where people can get all the details.