View Full Version : Female roomie still needed

01-08-2011, 08:26 PM
Hi, I have posted this in a couple of places but have not finalized a 4th roommate yet. Yes, that's right we will have 4 girls in our room, hopefully! We have a room reserved at the Grand Hyatt and we had a 4th roommate coming with us until she backed out at the last minute. We had originally planned this 4 way split when costing out the trip and we'd really like to save some money still. If you are interested in sharing with us, please email me. We have th room the 13th - 19th. I am traveling with 2 first time PPA ladies but I have been before, many times. I shared a room once before with 4 strangers and it worked out just fine, so I am up for it again. I made a few extra friends that year, which was really nice. We are all 40+, not loads of fun, and don't mind any age, as long as you understand our room is our room only, and partying can take place elsewhere... :)
The cost is $67/night each if we split 4 ways. That's with the imaging discount (I was told) and adding tax. The room is $225/night.

01-09-2011, 04:15 AM
Did you find the other roommates yet..this would be my first show. I thinking about going.