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12-30-2010, 06:31 PM
Never mind :-) Disregard this post.

12-30-2010, 07:10 PM
Throw out the first 2. Family portrait is a combination of awkward poses such as the kid behind the mom's arm. The basketball player is just too much arm pit.

The black and white of the little boy with his finger on his cheek is questionable because you're losing detail on his shoulder.

Your portrait work seems to be your strongest with weddings being your weakest so submitting all portrait will help you. Several of the images have flat lighting where a different type of light may have worked better. I'm seeing good work overall here so I suspect you simply didn't choose your best if that makes sense. An example is the child on the bed.....it appears as though you used a wide angle lens to shoot this which caused the head to be too large for the body. If you were using a zoom you may have a very similar image without the distortion.

I helped the judges a bit by giving my images very simple descriptions such as:
1. An example of broad light usage.
2. An example of short light usage.
3. All natural light showing use of reflectors.

Another good idea would be to post the images on one page as a private link on your web site. That way people reviewing it can see it as a body of work and it makes reviewing them easier. The one I used is here http://www.mymorganfield.com/cpp.html

I don't remember seeing any of these in the cpp critique area during the last round but then again there were problems with the gallery toward the end.

I hope this helps for now.